Rebel Rebel

Mr. Blance is wearing Barbie Bitch Style's 'Bowie Suit'. Pinky is wearing 'Confidence Dress' by ArisAris/B&W

Remember those days when choices didn't have consequences, and if they did, you just didn't care?! I remember being told I wasn't allowed to go out clubbing with my friends one night in my teens, so I bundled a little black dress into a bag, climbed out of my bedroom window and jumped down into my garden below. I ran all the way to my friends house, where we got changed, sweet-talked the bouncers at our favourite club and then danced the night away. We sipped drink after drink, mingling with people my parents would have disapproved of. I was a bad influence on all my friends, a total Rebel Rebel.
In my photograph above, the gorgeous Mr Blance is confident, bold and brazen in this flamboyant 'Bowie Suit' by Bitch Barbie Style, a great piece of tailoring for the brave, cocky man. For my night on the tiles with this handsome man, there was no other option but leather. I love the intricate details on the 'Confidence Dress' by ArisAris/B&W, the metal studs and awesome crease detail make this dress look so realistic, I want it in my RL wardrobe! It's Tight, short, and extremely sexy, I'll be getting exactly what I want tonight! Grab both awesome outfits at InspirationSL whilst I leave you with my song of the day...

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