What is InspirationSL? FAQ

InspirationSL is a unique, luxurious shopping event that opens its doors quarterly. Every round is based on a different, well known celebrity that has a unique style. Our designers take inspiration from this person to offer you themed, exclusive designs that can be found nowhere else on the grid.

How our themes work:
If our theme was Lady Gaga, you'd expect to find outlandish, whacky and weird creations, NOT necessarily specific pieces worn by Lady Gaga. We're creating pieces inspired by celebrities, so designers are ask to think about their ethos, their style, their personality and create pieces to demonstrate these things.

When does InspirationSL open?
InspirationSL opens the 3rd Sunday of every 3rd month.

How long does InspirationSL last?
You guessed it... 3 weeks!

What is the giveaway? How does it work?
Every 100th person to visit the event receives a designer hamper containing 3 designer items from that round!

Can I join the team as designer?
Please NC Trinity.Yazimoto inworld.

Can I join the team as blogger?
Please complete our blogger application form.

Any further questions?
Please NC Trinity.Yazimoto or PinkRayne inworld.

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