Meet our first giveaway winner... Holly Portland!

Photo taken at Petit Chat

The beauty in our photograph is Holly Portland, InspirationSL's first ever 100th shopper giveaway winner! Congratulations Holly! To celebrate the occasion, I couldn't resist a chat with Holly about her experience at InspirationSL and how she felt about winning. As we chatted, it became clear that Holly is a total girls girl, who can usually be found hanging out with her friends inworld or helping them to run their sims and club. She enjoys taking photos of landscapes and friends in SecondLife too, and you can check out her Flickr stream here. Because our theme was Shania Twain for this round, I was amazed when she told me that "I am 100% Canadian. Shania Grew up 8 hours North of where I live"! What are the chances of that?! Here are Holly's thoughts on InspirationSL:

PinkRayne: Hi Holly! So what did you think of the event?
Holly P: The event was great. The reason I visited was that I like when an event focuses on one thing, for example Shania. 
PinkRayne: So you visit a lot of fashion events?
Holly P:  I think I visit ALL fashion events. I try to be there on opening day lol
PinkRayne: Haha, my kind of girl! Were you shocked when you won the 100th shopper giveaway?
Holly P: I was! I have been shopping most of the day and have had random IM's from those around me and I thought the IM to say I'd won would be  a random person at first. When I was told about the Inspiration prize, I was super exicted.
PinkRayne: Awww! What 3 items were in your winners package?
Holly P: I received this dress from Rayne [shown in photograph above], Shania crop top and pants from Barbie Bitch Style and La Gazza Ladra Still the One Knit crop top.  I wore my favourite out of the three for the photo, this dress from Rayne.
PinkRayne: *Blushes*. So as you know InspirationSL's slogan is 'Inspired by celebs, made for SecondLife'. If you could choose any celebrity for our next round, who would it be and why?
Holly P: I have 2 stuck in my head but I am not sure how they would work for the event....Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron
PinkRayne: Ahhhh nice! Well I think Anne is very smart casual, and Charlize is Hollywood glam isn't she, so we'll keep them both in mind for the future! Thank you so much for talking to us Holly, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and congratulations again!

If you want to be the next winner of our 100th shopper giveaway, make sure to visit InspirationSL today! Every 100th, 200th, 300th (and so on) visitor will also receive a giftpack of 3 items. Good luck, and here's your taxi!

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