Bravo, bloggers!

Our blogger team have been so AMAZING I couldn't resist showing more of their gorgeous work today. All the beautiful designs on display are by Petit Chat, RAYNE, Modern Couture, Mariposa, Luane's World and IT! and can all be bought at InspirationSL.

Photo by Ladyblance

Photo by SunjaSweet
Photo by Chie
Photo by Landa Crystal

Photo by Carley Benazzi

Beautiful Blogging!

Today we're showcasing some more of our favourite blogger work from this round of InspirationSL: Shania Twain. We've had some truly beautiful blog posts, and we adore our blogger team! Enjoy the pictures that they've created and visit InspirationSL here to buy the items that are on display.

Photo by Marpil Grafenwalder

Photo by Morghana Savira

Photo by Carley Benazzi

Photo by Purr Foxclaw

Spring in my heart

Photo taken at Bella Pace 
Photo taken at Bella Pace

We have Spring in our hearts at Inspiration SL! With the beautiful work of our designers, it's been easy to step into Spring and leave the winter behind. Here I'm wearing a gorgeous set by Myth, the soft pastel colours and delicate floral prints make me feel really relaxed and free, and you can choose from a variety of gorgeous pastels. If skirts aren't for you, this set also comes with cropped leggings which are equally as pretty. For a little bit of glamour in my first photograph, I added Modern Couture's stylish chunky necklace which offsets the casual feel perfectly. Ready to shop for Spring now? Here's your taxi to InspirationSL!

InspirationSL: Designer application now open for June, but who is our Inspiration? Drum roll please...

InspirationSL is now accepting designer applications for our June round, but what is the theme?!
It's the Starman himself, DAVID BOWIE, and we are SO excited about this one. At InspirationSL David is an icon, a cultural hero of the glam-rock scene who pulled off a mixture of flamboyant, rock and roll, and androgynous styles. Designers can let their creativity run wild in order to show us their interpretations of this idol, we're so excited to see what you can create. To apply, visit our designer page and fill in the application form... we'll see you on the starship!

Blogger Bonanza!

Our bloggers have been doing a stunning job here at InspirationSL, showcasing all our designers gorgeous items to perfection! Here are some of our favourites blog photos so far for you to enjoy! If you'd like to be considered for our blog team, visit our blogger page here for further information.

Thank you blog team InspirationSL... more pics to come!

Photo by Kitty Kath

Photo by Ladyblance

Photo by Sabrymoon

Romance is... a roll in the hay and roses

Photo taken at The Yorkshire Moors

After the saddening events of yesterday, we wanted to show the world some love here at InspirationSL. What better way to do that than with this beautiful pose set by The Killer's Production. This pretty hay set comes with rustic wooden wheel and little magazine, perfect for lazy, romantic days under the sun. The hay prop comes with 5 couples poses, but can also be used solo, demonstrated by Anderian Sugarplum here. My dress is Chance by RAYNE, and this can also be bought at InspirationSL. Spread the love, happy shopping, and here's your taxi.

Our thoughts are with Belgium

After the shocking events of this morning, the team behind InspirationSL send prayers and love to Brussels. There will be no further Inspiration updates today as we would like our thoughts to be with Belgium.

Meet our first giveaway winner... Holly Portland!

Photo taken at Petit Chat

The beauty in our photograph is Holly Portland, InspirationSL's first ever 100th shopper giveaway winner! Congratulations Holly! To celebrate the occasion, I couldn't resist a chat with Holly about her experience at InspirationSL and how she felt about winning. As we chatted, it became clear that Holly is a total girls girl, who can usually be found hanging out with her friends inworld or helping them to run their sims and club. She enjoys taking photos of landscapes and friends in SecondLife too, and you can check out her Flickr stream here. Because our theme was Shania Twain for this round, I was amazed when she told me that "I am 100% Canadian. Shania Grew up 8 hours North of where I live"! What are the chances of that?! Here are Holly's thoughts on InspirationSL:

PinkRayne: Hi Holly! So what did you think of the event?
Holly P: The event was great. The reason I visited was that I like when an event focuses on one thing, for example Shania. 
PinkRayne: So you visit a lot of fashion events?
Holly P:  I think I visit ALL fashion events. I try to be there on opening day lol
PinkRayne: Haha, my kind of girl! Were you shocked when you won the 100th shopper giveaway?
Holly P: I was! I have been shopping most of the day and have had random IM's from those around me and I thought the IM to say I'd won would be  a random person at first. When I was told about the Inspiration prize, I was super exicted.
PinkRayne: Awww! What 3 items were in your winners package?
Holly P: I received this dress from Rayne [shown in photograph above], Shania crop top and pants from Barbie Bitch Style and La Gazza Ladra Still the One Knit crop top.  I wore my favourite out of the three for the photo, this dress from Rayne.
PinkRayne: *Blushes*. So as you know InspirationSL's slogan is 'Inspired by celebs, made for SecondLife'. If you could choose any celebrity for our next round, who would it be and why?
Holly P: I have 2 stuck in my head but I am not sure how they would work for the event....Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron
PinkRayne: Ahhhh nice! Well I think Anne is very smart casual, and Charlize is Hollywood glam isn't she, so we'll keep them both in mind for the future! Thank you so much for talking to us Holly, I hope you enjoy the rest of your day, and congratulations again!

If you want to be the next winner of our 100th shopper giveaway, make sure to visit InspirationSL today! Every 100th, 200th, 300th (and so on) visitor will also receive a giftpack of 3 items. Good luck, and here's your taxi!


Finally the time has come to open our doors, so prepare to feast your eyes on a selection of stunning fashion, hair and poses at InspirationSL. The theme for March is Shania Twain, and there's something for everyone with glamour, casual fashion, gorgeous poses and accessories.

Don't forget our fantastic giveaway: every 100th shopper to land at Inspiration will receive a gift pack of 3 items that are on sale that round! In true country style, we've prepared the fastest stallion in town to escort you to our doors... Take me to InspirationSL!

Sneak Peek #3 - WE OPEN TOMORROW!!!

Who is excited for 8am SLT tomorrow?! WE ARE! Finally, InspirationSL opens it's doors for our fabulous Shania Twain round so get ready to shop til you drop, with beautiful designs from some amazing designers. Shania represents the Spring, country, casual chic, glamour, and femininity so there's sure to be something for everyone with our fashion, hair, accessories and poses.

The giveaway!

Every 100th visitor will recieve a giftpack of 3 items from that round! All our designers have agreed to this, and we've mixed at matched bundles of 3 to give away! Be sure to shout about this to get our visitor counter going and improve your chances of being one of the lucky numbers!

Photo taken at Petit Chat Gallery and Store

This beautiful, original mesh gown was exclusively made by Sweet Kajira for InspirationSL. This is a fitted mesh gown, and is well suited to the Maitreya and Slink mesh bodies. I am actually wearing my TMP body in this photo, and it worked great, but be sure to try the demo as with all fashion items to ensure you're happy with the fit! The texturing is beautiful, and the gown comes in an array of colours to suit your mood. I am wearing the gown with Letituier hair, also an event exclusive. More details to follow.

Naymoi Gartner's brand Letutier has some absolutely beautiful hair, and her texturing is gorgeous. In the picture above, I am wearing her exclusive Shania hair, more original mesh for InspirationSL. I love the way the little whisps fall around my face giving it a really soft, pretty feel, a perfect match for Shania's lazy, casual yet feminine style.

Sneak Peek #2 is here!

Photo taken at The Yorkshire Moors

These original mesh wooden sandals by Petit Chat have been created exclusively for InspirationSL. Aptly titled 'A New Spring',  they come in a selection of gorgeous colours perfect for the season. The texturing of these sandals is beautifully unique and includes materials, meaning the shoes have a lovely natural shine under lighting in SecondLife (advanced lighting mode must be enabled to see this effect). It's time to pretty up your feet... and you have only 2 days left to wait!

Three days to go! Sneak peek #1

Are you excited for Sunday?! Well we are! So here's  a little teaser of a few items you can expect to find at InspirationSL, Shania Twain round, to whet your appetite!

Photo taken at The Yorkshire Moors

This beautiful horse prop by Luane's World comes with 3 gorgeous couples poses, I've adapted one of the poses here for a solo picture, and as you can see it works great for singles too! Prop and poses exclusively available at InspirationSL. 

I'm wearing the new Lambkin set by RAYNE, a casual wool dress with long sleeved tee, and matching wedge heels, another pretty exclusive for InspirationSL.

Stay tuned for sneak peek #2, coming soon!

The countdown has begun! Is it Sunday yet?!

We're sooooo excited here at InspirationSL, we're now under a week away until the grand opening of our Shania Twain inspired round (Sunday 20th, 8am SLT)! To celebrate, we're taking a look at another Shania style. In the last video, we saw her donning leopard print to give those guys a hard time, but in the following video, we see a different side to Shania: feminine, delicate, and fragile. This song is called 'You've Got a Way' and was made for the soundtrack of the hit film 'Notting Hill'. Donning a colourful, floral bodice and flowing skirts, Shania makes the perfect forest princess:

Who is Shania? Meet the woman behind our Inspiration!

Shania Twain is a Canadian singer and songwriter and she is huge in the country music genre. This talented lady has sold over 85 million records worldwide. This makes her one of the world's biggest selling artists of all time! Her third album, titled 'Come On Over', became the best selling studio album of all time by a female act in any genre, and the best-selling country album of all time, selling around 40 million copies worldwide.

This woman is a force to be reckoned with! Combine her musical talents with her amazing sense of fashion, and it's no wonder that Shania is one of the world's most popular artists and style icons.

In her many videos, Shania rocks all sorts of styles including animal print, flowing gowns, rock goddess and easy-going, girly chic.

Here she is in one of her most iconic outfits, telling those troublesome men 'That Don't Impress Me Much'...