I'm feeling *WICKED* @InspirationSL

Check out this top and jacket combo by * WICKED *, available at InspirationSL. I love how the soft, pastel colours collide with red cuffs and stripes, giving it a punky, fresh feel. It's a great top to team with a pair of jeans, making you appear effortless but 100% rock chick. I think this top would also look awesome with a mini skirt, perfect for a night out on the tiles. I teamed this top with hair by Love, also available at InspirationSL because the red dip-dye style compliments the jacket by * WICKED * perfectly. Visit today and grab some Bowie style!

Rebel Rebel

Mr. Blance is wearing Barbie Bitch Style's 'Bowie Suit'. Pinky is wearing 'Confidence Dress' by ArisAris/B&W

Remember those days when choices didn't have consequences, and if they did, you just didn't care?! I remember being told I wasn't allowed to go out clubbing with my friends one night in my teens, so I bundled a little black dress into a bag, climbed out of my bedroom window and jumped down into my garden below. I ran all the way to my friends house, where we got changed, sweet-talked the bouncers at our favourite club and then danced the night away. We sipped drink after drink, mingling with people my parents would have disapproved of. I was a bad influence on all my friends, a total Rebel Rebel.
In my photograph above, the gorgeous Mr Blance is confident, bold and brazen in this flamboyant 'Bowie Suit' by Bitch Barbie Style, a great piece of tailoring for the brave, cocky man. For my night on the tiles with this handsome man, there was no other option but leather. I love the intricate details on the 'Confidence Dress' by ArisAris/B&W, the metal studs and awesome crease detail make this dress look so realistic, I want it in my RL wardrobe! It's Tight, short, and extremely sexy, I'll be getting exactly what I want tonight! Grab both awesome outfits at InspirationSL whilst I leave you with my song of the day...

Bowie in my bedroom

Don't you love those crazy, crazy minutes where you put on a record and dance like an utter fool around your bedroom? The feeling of only the music, and the delicate rhythm creating soundwaves that tickle your skin. The feeling of closing my eyes and getting lost in the beat, screaming out the lyrics and swirling, twirling, entering a state of pure bliss, just me and my air guitar.

The poses created by Pose It for InspirationSL give me this awesome feeling! They're so kooky and cool. They turn me into David Bowie himself. I am the rock god, I am the legend, I am a total champion. I decided to wear Lushish Catz Rebel Star outfit because the name was so fitting! I adore the tie-side shorts and the subtle tribute to Bowie printed on the cropped tee. It's a really fun outfit and comes with 2 versions for one price: black and white tie-side shorts, and 2 version of this cute cropped top (demonstrated above and below). Get boththe poses and outfit at InspirationSL, then all you need to do is add your air guitar and close your eyes!

BOWIE is here! InspirationSL is officially OPEN!

Eye makeup by Dulce Secrets

I am so excited to announce that InspirationSL June is now officially open! Come and join in the fun and shop items that are all Bowie inspired, with original  mesh accessories inspired by his Lazarus video, glam-rock style makeup, rock star poses and gorgeous outfits, InspirationSL is daring you to be a Rebel Rebel, and shop until you drop!

Don't forget our amazing giveaway too, every 100th (200th, 300th, etc.) customer will receive a bundle of 3 exclusive items from that round, will you be the lucky shopper?!

In our featured photo above, the mischievous Ladyblance is wearing Dulce Secrets eye makeup, because we love the bright, bold metallics of her Galactic Eyeshadows. They represent our Bowie theme perfectly, and it was a hard choice, as she has another three sets to choose from that you won't want to miss!

Teleport to Mars NOW to join in the dystopian fun!

PS Thanks to the gorgeous Ladyblance for posing for me!

InspirationSL: Where Everything Seems Possible, And Nothing Is As It Seems

Did you guess the film from the tagline?

Of course it's from the cult film 'Labyrinth', in which David Bowie plays the Goblin King, who has stolen a baby from his young sister. As she tries to track Jareth the king down, she becomes trapped within the labyrinth, confused by it's riddles and tricks. Bowie was the perfect choice for the role of Goblin King with his glam rock, flamboyant style. This style continues throughout the film, and takes on a fantasy twist, as Bowie rocks us through a series of memorable songs. As a homage to King Jareth, here is 'Magic Dance' for you to enjoy, whilst you wait just 3 more days for Inspiration to open!

Who is David Bowie? 8 DAYS TO GO!

We open our doors in 8 days, and we absolutely cannot wait for the David Bowie round to begin, but why did we choose Bowie? What makes him so special? Read on to find out...

David Bowie was an English singer, songwriter, actor and producer and was in the music industry for over 5 decades, He was awarded a place in the rock and roll hall of fame in 1996 due to an estimated 140 million record sales worldwide, making him one of the world's best selling music artists.
Bowie's music was groundbreaking and unique, and he filled the rock and roll scene with sounds and styles nobody had heard or seen before. During the glam rock period of the early 70s, Bowie had already been in the music industry for about 10 years, but at this stage he transformed himself into his alter ego Ziggy Stardust who represented flamboyance and androgyny. Bowie was the king of changing styles, and after a year as Ziggy, his style and appearance changed again and again as he proceeded to dabble in soul/funk (late 70s), new romance (80s), electronica (90s) and neoclassicism (noughties).
Bowie also starred in some fantastic films, including 'The Man Who Fell to Earth', 'Merry Christmas, Mr Lawrence', and of course the dark fantasy movie 'Labyrinth' in which he plays the King of Goblins, Jareth.

So what will our designers create for this round? Will it be fantasy? Androgyny? Rock and Roll? You'll have to wait and see, but you can check out our shopping guide for a small selection of what's on offer, and in the meantime enjoy a song from the starman himself!